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"all the ways in which a consumer interacts with a business, whether it be person-to-person, through a website, an app or any form of communication"

What is Guest Engagement?

It's about being proactive; it's about making a commitment to your guests by demonstrating that you understand that every person is unique. Every guest wishes to be recognized as an individual by receiving personalized service.  How successful are you in offering this level of service?  How would you know?

What We Do and How We Do It

We take objectiveness out of the customer experience equation by focusing on the individual touchpoints that make up an experience.  Ultimately, we determine the strength of a hotel’s brand narrative across all relevant guest touchpoints -  from pre-stay to post-stay. Targeting specific guest personas allow us to hone in on the most relevant touchpoints. If we discover any disconnects or gaps, we will collaborate on strengthening those areas. It's a meticulous process, but one that ensures you have the clearest understanding of your brand from the guest's perspective. Touchpoint Precision is foremost respectful of a General Manager’s time commitment; hence our process is efficient and not heavy on anyone’s time except our own. Furthermore, our work is highly confidential and of a sensitive nature. Our aim is therefore to have a private and direct line of communication with the General Manager.

What a Brand Narrative May Include:

•  Mission  •  Values   Vision  •  History  •  Personality  •  Essence  •  Promise  

•  Target Guests  •  Social Responsibility

Why Are We The Ones To Do It?

At the heart of our work is intuition. Our strength lies in being able to translate humanistic touchpoints and humanize the inanimate ones. In this way, we offer a true representation of a brand in the minds of guests.  No one can have this capability without having a very keen sense of awareness. Our extensive market knowledge, coupled with your desire to increase guest satisfaction, will result in your competitive advantage, and ultimately, in increased revenues for your hotel.


Who We Are Not

We are not mystery shoppers; there is no set of objective criteria that we follow.  Instead, we focus on the subjective elements of guest engagement. Traditional mystery shopping is a different process that often arrives at a very different conclusion. It’s not to say that mystery shopping isn’t useful for what is or what is not being done - it’s just not the focus of our work.  The Anonymous Guest service that we offer is associated with specific guest personas, whereby the anonymous guest’s analysis is very subjective.

This in-depth service requires us to get very personal with your brand.  We will look at everything from your values, mission, personality, history, marketing - and analyze it against all of your hotel’s relevant touchpoints across the guest journey; from pre-stay to post-stay. We’ll consider your target guest(s) and their higher objectives/needs to ensure an even more precise analysis. Furthermore, we will identify potential guest pain points such as time on tasks and other inefficiencies.


One of the outcomes of this service includes appointing an in-house Guest Engagement Champion. This comprehensive service requires a two night stay by an Anonymous Guest and also includes the analysis of all relevant touchpoints within Food and Beverage and Spa facilities. The folio is to be reimbursed post-stay to conceal the identity of the analyst. To ensure service delivery success, an anonymous 1 night stay will transpire approximately 6 months from the delivery of the comprehensive report.

Looking for a high level evaluation of your brand's personality, then this is the perfect service for your hotel. The process essentially requires the hotelier to share what she or he believes the personality of the hotel to be. Touchpoint Precision then takes this info and experiences all relevant touchpoints to identify any misalignments. It truly is a great way to confirm, or otherwise not, that your hotel's personality is being realized by your guests in general.


This express service requires a one night stay by an Anonymous Guest and includes food and beverage analyses. Instead of looking across the whole guest’s journey from pre to post stay, we will be solely focusing on the stay component with some light pre-stay analysis. See this case study for an illustrative example.


​À La Carte Options


"It has nothing to do with being objective with check lists, and everything to do with the guest experience in mind"


The Anonymous Gues

Easily confused with a Mystery Shopping audit, our Anonymous Guest program takes on a far more intuitive approach to analysing your brand's strength.

We work together ahead of time to define exactly what you expect from the outcome of the programme and its duration. 

This service can be customised to suit your needs.

Know the Competitor

Did you ever want to know exactly what's going on at one or more of your competitors? Have us analyse their brand strength against touchpoints using their available marketing and services.


This service can include a one or two night stay with attention to a particular emphasis or your choosing.


"Delivering customer experience goes beyond customer satisfaction, as satisfied customers may still defect to competitors."


As a hotelier, you already know who you want to attract to your hotel. Developing guest personas helps you to really get into the head of your target guests - to essentially define their higher objectives or needs.

The outcome will allow you to cross reference existing touchpoints and the development of new ones.


"Intimately knowing your guests is one of the secrets of mastering guest engagement by anticipating their needs."

Guest Persona Development


"It's not a linear process. You need to mirror the mind to assess elation and frustration of target guest personas."

Customer Journey

Customer journey mapping presents you with the best insight of a guest persona's journey from pre-stay to post-stay. It includes identifying the key touchpoints they encounter as well as the potential emotional state of the guest as she navigates her experience with your property. These maps can then be utilized by all staff as an awareness training tool for servicing guests.

Training & workshops

Training & Workshops


We are available for training and workshops that include and are not limited to :

The Guest Persona
Turning an Ordinary Experience into a Luxury Experience
Client Personalisation
Luxury Services vs luxury goods
Developing your brand's personality
Reducing your guest's effort

"It has nothing to do with being objective with check lists, and everything to do with the customer experience in mind"


Please get in touch with us to learn more about how we can elevate the guest experience at your hotel.

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