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Touchpoint Precision Collaborates with the University of Malta

Bridging a Gap Between Academia and the Tourism Industry: Dr Marie Avellino, Director of the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture and Mr Damon Alexander Allan of Touchpoint Precision have formed a collaboration which seeks to close a knowledge gap which exists between the research produced by the Institute and what is ultimately reaching the hospitality industry in the Maltese Islands. What drove this collaboration to come to fruition was the recognition that the vast research produced by the Institute needs to reach industry decision makers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. To achieve this, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the two collaborators with the overarching aim of ensuring that research carried out by the academics and their students is presented to the Maltese tourism industry with a special focus on the hospitality sector.

Literature indicates that instructional approaches such as experiential learning techniques and industry placements allow the students to experience active engagement and flipped classroom approach. These methods are already being utilised at ITTC, who now want to take it a step further by showing the stakeholders not just what they have learnt but how they are coming up with innovative and creative ways of addressing problems and issues they encountered during their work placements and data gathering endeavours. Their lecturers as well as industry placement mentors and other stakeholders, are helping students to incorporate the convergence of real case studies into propositions for industry as well as providing options for their own career development.

A number of annual events and activities such as speaking engagements and seminars will be organised throughout the year and select industry stakeholders will be invited to participate and give feedback. It is also envisaged that these will be followed up by the dissemination of research abstracts.

The first event is planned for Friday, July 1st, 2022 with themes such as Food and Luxury Travel.


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