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Our Philosophy

Touchpoint Precision was born out of a desire to elevate the hotel guest experience through all the ways in which a guest interacts with a property.  We take on a very intuitive approach by investigating the higher needs of guests and seeing how they are ultimately fulfilled and exceeded. It's about ensuring that a hotel's brand narrative is generating higher levels of guest satisfaction, loyalty, and profits. We're looking to see how strong your emotional connection is with your guests. Is your hotel's heart and soul reaching guests along their journey with you?


Through our work, we aim to be a beacon of inspiration to those General Managers who thrive on delivering exceptional and personalized experiences - from the independent to the global hotel brands. 

guest engagement process

The Process


It's always tailor made - knowing that each property has its own distinct personality and storyline. So that means we become intimate with your brand, from the functional aspects to the mechanical and the all important humanistic encounters. There are no check boxes - the guest experience is never objective. Click Here for a detailed infographic that depicts the guest engagement process.


Why work with us?

In a word, passion. We absolutely love what we do, knowing that we are contributing to the guest experience. Having spent years in the luxury travel industry, our team brings a wealth of capabilities and an intuitive guest mindset - ensuring exceptional results. Touchpoint Precision’s services are available worldwide. 

intuitive guest mindset

Please get in touch with us to learn more about how we can elevate the guest experience at your hotel.

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